What Makes Us Cool

What are the desirable fashion and cultural icons that we covet most in 2013? Funny enough they are pieces of our past. A decade ago we were overly obsessed with bejeweled Juicy Couture and Louis Vuitton symbols of wealth. Now, dare I say, I think we’ve elevated our taste to a place of stylized nostalgia.  So lets take a look at some 2013 symbols of style:



The Vespa

An Iconic, classic vehicle of Italian free spirit and style. You’re an adventurer with class.


The Foodie

Forget the Atkins diet. 2013 is about knowing the gourmet trends, restaurants and ingredients that are rocking the culinary world.


Bohemian Adventure

You may have a day job, but come Summer its about music festivals, fresh air and getting to your roots. 70s style.


Reflecting on Rainbows


I drove home the other day with this rainbow, which was such a nice friend to have for the long ride. The picture I got was only half of it, but it was gorgeous as it had the typical large arc spanning the sky.  After looking back on this photo, I think it has so much significance for us socially after yesterday’s news on DOMA.  We often don’t appreciate the beauty of this season until its gone, and we also easily forget the suffering and pain that so many have endured for social change in our country. Long live love.


I totally can’t get enough of everything I find on Wasteland…its my new happy place. They have such great pieces and have vintage clothing as well which is rare for an online retailer. To make things better, they are teaming up with one of my favorite brands, MinkPink, for a contest of some sort (check out their site for details!) Here are some of their new arrivals I think I might just have to snag…






I’ve never heard of a hand bracelet before-but I want one! Especially a goat one.

Happy Summer!



Fashion for a Cause


Ribbet collage

I just ordered my Rachel Roy white Feed India Bag and I can’t wait to see it in person! Not only does it seem like a great summer bag, but its for a great cause: each bag sold feeds 100 school children in India. I’ve compiled some other noteworthy retail buys that support some great causes above. Giving is always in season!

Patience is a Virtue

I’ve been wrapped up in so many different jobs and projects during the week that its hard to find time to do all of the little things I really want to spend time on. But hey, thats what weekends are for. I had this idea one rainy night a few weeks back after seeing some great little medicine bottles at the Williamsburg Flea Market. 


My idea was simple. Make them airborne. But I wanted the piece to be a fusion of a mobile and a sun- catcher since glass is such a fun medium. So I HAD to paint the bottles. Here is how it went…


ImageMy unpainted bottles all ready to go!




Everyone needs a little color in their life!



My finished piece!


I’m super happy with it. I used fishing line so they seem to be effortlessly and miraculously hanging in midair. 


Happy weekend!



Seeing Neon

Today was sort of cloudy and gloomy for most of the morning, which made me feel a bit productive inside after a nice nap!  Philly Feathers has some new awesome 80s bikinis we’ve been introducing on our shop.  As I was styling them on my mannequin and the sun perfectly peaked out from the clouds, I couldn’t help but fall in love with a few of these. Too bad they don’t fit me! If youre so inclined-you can find more suits here!